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More than just a game
There was wind. There were ships. There were people and children. There was silence within the loud sounds of the lively conquered city. Altaïr had very little words to truly express how he felt atop of the cathedral. His hair blew into his eyes as it was pushed around. He held his breath. This was it; this was what he lived for. The wind, the feeling that it gave him as it lifted his uniform; his shadow gained wings and flew.  
He was himself. A creation of his God, a creation birthed by his mother and raised by his father. He was loved by few, but that was how he wanted it. That was how to felt it should be. Surrounded by enemies, it was always helpful knowing one would stand up against them. Swords drawn, he remembered being alone for the first time after his father died. He remembered it all.
His hoarse whisper of a prayer never left his throat as he rose; his arms reaching out towards the world. It was a moment he could relish in. He felt like a king, a king of his own w
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Mature content
Lying of One Desire pt 3 :iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 2 11
Mature content
Lying of One Desire pt 2 :iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 4 0
Mature content
Lying of One Desire :iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 2 2
This is us.
To the Fateless
The secret
That sings of the Hopeless
To the Hater
A story
That tells of their Maker
To the Child
A whisper
That calls of the Wild
To the Desperate
A voice
That yells off their Spirit
To the Monster
A knife
Used to slay Her
To the Unfortunate
A gun
Used to kill their Hate
To the Master
A book
Used to control the Caster
To the King
A staff
Used to strike the Crying
To the Writer
A memory
Of tears and War
To the Reader
A thought
Of silence and Cold
To the Holder
A poem
Of difference and Wishes.
:iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 1 3
Midnight writing
In all respective areas of life there will always be pain. There is no exception.
She knew this quite well. It was two am in the morning, she was hunched over her computer, tears freefalling down her face as her headphones clamped over her ears, muffling all over sound. She knew that she should be strong, but right now she was crying for two. Two hearts beaten and broken, she was crying for someone else who had no tears left. The feeling though, of a heavy chain dragging her heart down to the depths of cynicism and distress. It was okay though, because she didn't mind. Deep down in the hole of grief she knew that things would always get better.
It just didn't feel like it right now. She always tried to be a positive soul, cheerful to all no matter how much pain they caused her. It didn't always work through and often left her bitter with distaste of certain people's company. Right now the blood taste the stained her tongue was distracting her from her facebook game. She'd been clicking
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Deny thy Past pt.5
Mallory walked out of the violin shop clutching a box.
She'd changed her clothes to a simple outfit consisting of a red sweater that went down to her thighs, an over the knee black skirt with black stockings and Sandy/beige coloured converse shoes. No one gave her two glances since she was also wearing sunglasses and carrying a white cane, tapping the ground as she went. Mallory was thinking deeply. Her father was right about her behaviour, but she really had no recollection of that girl, except for a deep, deep hate that sat in her chest whenever she saw her. 'Rasputin's reincarnation hates me, just like Rasputin hated my previous incarnations. The irony almost hurts.' She stopped as she felt the winds shift. Someone was standing next to her. She couldn't turn her head however as it'd give her away, so she tipped her foot and fell; into thin air.
Hitting the ground hard, Mallory lifted her face and patted around for her dark glasses. Someone grabbed hold of her arm and hoisted her up
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Sometimes all it takes is the words I'm gone on the screen
Even though I know you're just got other things to do
I'm watching a glass wall grow and turn black between us
During the rain I sit on the diving board with the pills in my system
Wondering why I keep walking and trying
Washing my hands of blood that's not there
I could claim fear of being in pain but honestly it wouldn't matter
Cutting into my foot, writing lyrics that belong to songs about dying
Leaving friends alone for days knowing that they don't care
Ignoring people who want my name all over their facebook
I wasn't crazy until I admitted I was miserable
So why won't what you tell me make me happy ?
This giant glass wall that you guys don't see you
You can just smile even though we're standing on the same page
I don't know who we're taking to, a friend, a mother or no one
I say you beg for help from someone who isn't there because you do
I'm not here to make you feel happy, that's your job stop smothering me!
Walk up to t
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A pondering Girl by NicolaFullam A pondering Girl :iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 1 1
What would you say?
It'd been spitting for almost an hour now. She hadn't really noticed though. Her iPod was almost empty for battery as well, but again; she didn't really notice. Chances were that her mother might be trying to call her, not that it'd make much of a difference to what she was going to do. The bridge was almost to hundred meters from the sea that crawled underneath it and into the small kink of the city port. Cars were driving by quickly as if they had no time in the world, but they didn't know how much time they were wasting worrying about tomorrow. She'd done that for too long and it'd cost her something important to her. Another ache crawled up her chest and she put her hand over her heart. 'It's not fair, I tried not to… It's not fair!' her forehead hit the cold, wet bannister as tears started to collect at her eyes, pooling at the bottom of them, causing her vision to blur. It hurt; it hurt even more when he ignored her in the halls. She just wanted another chance! 'I'll listen
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When you see a person
When you see a person
With long sleeved arms
Smiling just a little
Hair hiding their eyes
Would you go over to them
And talk to them a little
Or just walk away shrugging
Thinking they're just another person
Could you stand to see them
Directly in the eye
And hear them say here and now
Exactly how they died
When would you dare do so
To the smiling person
Because no matter how wide her grin is
Her eyes are as dead as bones
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Given up Trying
I used to write to impress you
Because I felt I wasn't good enough
But then that feeling went away
And I stopped
I used to want to make you smile
Because I felt I needed to
But then you went away
So I stopped
I used to write to make you smile
Because nothing was ever good enough
But I kept on trying
And I never intended to stop
I started to write again
In an attempt to break the ice between us
But you didn't want to
So now I write so I don't start again
When I stop turning up
And stop looking at you smiling
That's the day you should wonder
Have I given up trying?
:iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 1 0
A girl in my School
A girl at my school starves herself
Because she feels pain
So to make that pain go away
She doesn't eat a lot
You see this girl is afraid
That her heart may be broken
Because someone she loves hates her
That girl doesn't know what to do
So to distract her brain from the pain
She hurts her arms and stomach
Cutting through the muscle and skin
Unable to eat a little food
This girl in my school wants to die
But no one can see her pleas
So she finds a vice that'll help her cope
As her love stabs her heart twice
I saw this girl yesterday
Smoking pot by the dock
I turned away for a minute
Then back again to see
And thus the water was rippling
The girl was nowhere insight
Her broken heart on the dive board
A dragonfly necklace with its wings broken off
She didn't come to school the next day
Or for a year after
But one day the police told us
She'd drowned in the sea
No one was really sad
Not like many noticed
But the boy she loved looked slightly irked
So I guess I felt some pleasure
I went to
:iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 2 7
Deny thy Past pt. 3
Mallory held her father's hand softly, stroking her thumb over his wrinkled and clammy skin. His breathing was calm as he kept on sleeping while his daughter rose to her feet and swept away.  Carnegie was outside the door, his eyes looking over Mallory critically.
'You're not Anarchy Hexanna.' He stated.
Mallory nodded once, 'You… are Jude Carnegie? Your father was among the casualties.'
Carnegie sighed, shaking his head. 'You're not Hexy. You're just some pitiful attempt to recreate her because of a father's need to have an heir; truly a distasteful move.' He rose then and disappeared up the stairs. Mallory remained standing, looking at the ground. She didn't understand why but her heart ached hearing those words, as if they were being carved into her heart.  'Milady?' lifting her head she stared half-heartedly at Seth, before turning away and walking down the hall. Seth never went after her.
'Is it going to be a problem?'
'You know you have as many righ
:iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 1 2
Mature content
Deny thy Past :iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 1 2
Love is hell
It could've been months before it hit me like a brick
But we're worlds apart with friends and talents alike
You play the bass and I play with a stick
Somehow it's strange how we managed this far
I wanted to talk to you when we were out together
But your friends where on about things I didn't understand
So I stayed back and stayed quiet feeling left out
Sometimes I just wish you'd take my hand
For me love is hell, it is shit
I'm sick and tired of victim to it
So don't be a lover, don't let it end
Just shut up be my friend
This is why Love is shit
It makes friends die beneath it
Whenever you go quiet I'm not sure what I said wrong
I wonder if you're bored because it's not what you enjoy
So I go quiet too and hope that you don't get irritated
This is when I try hard not to be outside for you and act coy
Someone asked me if we broke up because we don't talk
I guess they saw this was wrong because they disappeared
It sat in my head, the question they asked me
Sometimes I'd kill to be your k
:iconnicolafullam:NicolaFullam 1 7


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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 9:11 AM
  • Listening to: Drop the Poptart - Deadmau5

I'm currently just doing a little emotion practice with my stories, and realised after writing 16 pages that I no longer struggle with finding something to write about. I don't find it hard to write four pages, or even six. Of cause it takes me a while to get 16 pages done with me being in my final year, but its satisfying knowing that what used to be a struggle, is a breeze for me now. Just thought I could share that with those of you who are listening :)


Nicola Fullam
Artist | Student | Literature
One can always start a story differently. It doesn't have to make sense the first time or the second, but you still can't put the book down. That's a story. That is what I aim for everyday as I sit down and write in my scribbles book, wishing that I'll be a writer and be able to do what I want, be my own boss. I have this odd talent in writing Erotic writings, something I actually take some pride in, I love video games, intelligent conversations, watching drama queens crash and burn and being a total and utter pervert. Because I'm good at it, so why should I stop?

I'll answer questions, do requests, whatever. Just don't claim ownership of what I write, most of the stuff that's in my gallery I've put my heart and own personal feelings into. You'd be taking a part of me with you if you claimed copyright; That should be frighting enough.

Current Residence: By my desk studying my ass off!
Favourite genre of music: All :3
Favourite photographer: A classmate
MP3 player of choice: ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Silvester ._.
Personal Quote: No matter how big the reaction, know it is always worth it.

Do you believe people from rich countries and well off families really have a right to be depressed? 

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